Parish Community Choir

 PLEASE NOTE:   Our Parish Communtiy Choir will be having a break in July….. Rehearsal will resume August 7th.


    Sacred Heart Wodonga Parish Choir:  

Lifting Hearts and Spirits!  

  The Sacred Heart Parish Choir is a diverse and inclusive choir, open to anybody regardless of their experience, age or musical expertise. The community feel of the choir is one of the things members say is one of the best things about the choir. Everyone is welcome! This choir meets for rehearsal every Tuesday evening in the Victorian school term in Sacred Heart church from 5.45pm-6.45pm. The choir sings a range of sacred music, modern and traditional, challenging and easy, especially for the liturgy. The choir sings every fourth Saturday of the month at the 6pm Mass, and also for selected significant feasts in the church year.Our accompanist is long time parishioner and graduate of Catholic College Wodonga (2009), Matthew Bartlett. Matthew holds a Keyboard Scholarship provided by the conductor, Fiona Dyball. This is part of Fiona’s contribution to the life of the thriving Wodonga parish. Part of the gift of the scholarship is the contribution back to the parish in kind by Matt. Matt is a terrific young accompanist in training and we thank him for his time and talent. 

 Here are some quotable quotes from members of the choir:

Jacinta Bartlett, parishioner and proud mum of Matt:

 “I love the choir because of the relationships and friendships we have developed.”

 “I was looking for a ‘happy hour’ and Fiona obliged. 

 Michael McLinden, parishioner:

 “Variety is the spice of life.”

 “I love the group, music and laughter. 

 Nina De Kruiff, parishioner:

“I love the choir because I love to sing, and because singing in choir enhances my faith.”“Awesome. Uplifting for the soul.”

 Emily Callister, Yr 9 student at Catholic College Wodonga: 

“I love the choir because I love to play my clarinet and I can do that here. 

“Awesome. It’s a release of the tension of the week.”

Mitch Ware, Yr 10 student at Catholic College Wodonga:

“Dybsy and her nuts enthusiasm!!”

 “I enjoy singing in a group environment. It does something for your soul and is a great stress reliever.”

 Stephanie Gill, Yr 11 student at Catholic College Wodonga:

“I enjoy singing, making new friendships, having an outlet from school work and learning from Ms Dyball.” 

Kevin Oliver, parishioner: 

“It’s great to make great music with great people.”  

Please feel free to join us anytime in “praying twice!”  

You will be provided with: 

  • Music and lyrics, musical resources.
  • A CD with the parts to singalong with at home.
  • Some accessible educational material on liturgical music to help depth knowledge on why, where and what we sing in the liturgy.
  • Good company!

Contact: Fiona Dyball on 0413 665 738 for more information.


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