2023 Parish Renewal Program

Program update

It’s still not too late to complete a pledge card and Parish Groups and Ministries Form, which are available in the church.

Thank you to parishioners who have returned their pledge commitments and Groups and Ministries form. As follow-up contact is still being made with some parishioners, we will finalise our Program soon.

Confirmation letters, and new sets of envelopes for cash givers, will be available for collection at all Masses on the weekend of Sunday 26 March. New pledges take effect on Sunday 2 April.

We thank you again for your generous response.

Fr Junjun and the Renewal Program Team.


Welcome to our COMMITMENT WEEKEND – it’s the final week of our Program. To date we have reflected on the importance of our level of engagement in the life of Wodonga Catholic Parish communities and the importance of being involved in one or more of our groups and ministries.  

We now turn our attention to parish finances.

How do we fund the priorities identified during the Program? This weekend we welcome Frank Schobben and Stephen Littleton from Parish First who will speak on this important issue; guide us through how we can make our pledge of financial support, and challenge us to respond to the very best of our ability.

Your COMMITMENT to PLANNED GIVING pledge                                                          

What does my financial support to the Parish typically pay for?

  • our pastoral care and outreach programs and initiatives
  • groups and ministries activities
  • ongoing operation and maintenance for our churches, properties and parish facilities
  • administration costs, priests’ stipends, insurance premiums, employment costs, parish centre costs, diocesan levy, sundry expenses etc.

Why should I give and how much? 

  • Our parish income is reliant on the financial support of ALL parishioners – without such support we could not exist
  • Our only recommendation is that you give to your very best ability, and that it be a meaningful commitment
  • We appeal to those with the greatest capacity – the greatest discretionary income – to give more  

RENEWAL PROGRAM team member thoughts:

Why do you think it is important to support the parish financially?

“We need a solid financial base in order to fulfill our mission and to offer the different ministries and programs in our parish. It is about faith and good works and finances support this and help us as a community of believers to grow and develop.”

“I have received so much from the people of God so I personally give back to the parish monthly as well.”

“The parish needs financial support to continue to keep the Church and other buildings maintained.

To pay our staff and keep Insurances up to date in case of the need to use them.”

“It enables the parish to undertake the activities, to make our community more vibrant, engaging and effective.”


Our focus this weekend is on ENGAGEMENT in parish life. We are blessed by the many people who give their time, talents and enthusiasm in so many ways – on our journey together in daily life – helping our communities where people are welcome, cared for and supported.

Today we will hear from parishioners who will share with us how being actively involved in OUR Parish has nourished their faith and positively affected their lives. We invite you to play your role, so please take some time to look at the Groups and Ministries form available at Mass this weekend and on the parish website. See how you can make your contribution to our special community – there is something for everyone!  


Why is it important to be actively engaged in our parish groups & ministries? 

“It’s important that more parishioners are encouraged to become involved in everything we do so as to enable the parish to move forward. As a cohesive community, each member works for the good of the whole parish.”

“As a priest, we have to be engaged and interested in our parish – just as we are interested in the lives of our families or friends. By being engaged myself, I hope to encourage the faithful to do the same.”

“Ownership of our parish is very important to me, it is everyone. Being involved actively in our parish is a way I stay connected within the parish community and it is a byproduct of my faith within a community.”

Sharing our time and skills with others may build their faith in God and love for God’s creation.”


“It is not enough to say that we are Christians. We must live the faith, not only with our words, but with our actions.”


This weekend, Feb 18th & 19th, 2023, is the LAUNCH of our Program.

We would love you to be involved! The Program is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on what it means to be a member of our parish communities.

Over the next three weeks, we will consider themes that are central to parish life.

You will hear from speakers, receive weekly updates via email or SMS, with materials uploaded to the parish website.

Don’t forget to collect a copy of the Program brochure before you leave Mass today.

Fr Junjun Amaya


Why is celebrating our faith as a parish community important to you?

“My Christian faith is both individual and communal. Gathering as a community to celebrate our beliefs is a vital part of my Christianity.”

“I am a committed community member and believe that as a good Christian it is important to celebrate together.”

“As a priest, I am ordained not for myself, but for the people of God, most especially in my parish. My faith is certainly being nourished through my parish community.”

“Worshiping and being together allows me to experience the reality of heaven in our lives and our current situations.”


“The Church must be a place of mercy, freely given, where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel.” - Evangelii Gaudium 114